Industry standard hardwarePowerful, compatible,


  • Our software runs on hardware players that are available standard worldwide. They hide behind your screens, tuck inside your retail shelves, or piggyback on your projectors.
  • All you see are the amazing graphics, lightning speed and targeted messaging on your displays - powered by Videro.

Architected for speed.
Graphic firepower.

Videro software is designed to leverage the speed and processing power of our hardware players. Our standard configuration includes the Apple Mac mini with the Intel Core i5 Processor, at least 2 GB memory with 2.3 or 2.5 GHz options and HD capable integrated graphics processors. Custom configurations are also available especially for large-magnitude or Times Square worthy displays. We make the most of the hardware to bring you sharp images, fluent animations and frame (even half-frame) accurate synchronizations.

Connect to one.
Connect to many.

A single HD jumbotron. A 10×20 tiled video wall. Videro makes it easy to connect to one or sync them all. Each Videro player can drive up to two displays. Our standard hardware comes with 2 outputs for HDMI, DVI and VGA. It also includes both analog and optical digital audio-output, to hook up the complete surround sound experience. What about video walls or tiled displays? Videro players are easily grouped or chained to support multiple screens and devices that can be synchronized for simultaneous display.

Quiet. Green.
Fits in anywhere.

In your storefront or your business office, our hardware players stay out of sight and in your budget. Insert the hardware player behind the back cover of the flatscreen, or hide it directly within a retail shelf or merchandise counter. The players are quiet and well ventilated so your team may well forget where they stowed them. And every month you’ll be glad you made the energy-efficient choice. Videro wants to you create a big splash with a small footprint.