StandardhardwarePowerful, compatible and energy-efficient.

  • Our software runs on standard hardware players that are available worldwide. They hide behind your screens, inside your retail shelves, or piggyback on your projectors.
  • All you see are the amazing graphics, lightning fast speed and targeted messaging on your displays - powered by Videro.
Digital displays TouchScreens In/Outdoor totems LED billboards
iPadPlayer MediaPlayer show / control PowerPlayer


VIDERO is a full service, customer centric company that can provide you with all the assistance you need in selecting the best hardware for your specific digital signage and Brand Experience needs. Our team is here to help you select the right equipment, based on your budget, to maximize the brand experience for your business and customers. Whether a simple flat screen for your store front, a touch totem or table or a large LED billboard - Videro can deliver the right hardware solution.