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Light control

Discover a new world  


Nothing influences the mood and ambient of rooms and interior more than a well thought through lighting concept. This also includes the need to control different moods for different situations, times of the day or events, to leave an impact with different concepts integrated.  


The market offers different systems, you may use to create controllable lighting systems via network or wi-fi up to the point where you may control single light bulbs individually. If you connect those systems to your Videro account, you may light up your presentation with a fully customized lighting concept. Great examples of which system to use with Videro are the protocol DMX or the Philips Hue system. 
Apart from lighting systems, you may also connect other elements to your Videro presentation for more customer interactiviy. For example, have you ever thought about how different smells could influence your presentation room emotionally? 
Surprise and convince your customers and visitors with different theme worlds to cause and use different moods cleverly. Control your ambient through the Videro interface and save them for later re-use. 






Videro Instore Radio

Play it again  


Music means emotions. A targeting and on-point choice of music takes your customers and visitors to atmospheric worlds and causes associations to previous events. No other user of media will achieve this so easily and clear as music does.

VideroRadio is a standalone software, Videro uses to create, edit and sort playlists with songs and audio files. These playlists can be distributed and played completely independent from the channels and broadcasts in the Composer tool. 
Take your customers and visitors to positive theme worlds full of excitement. Use different genres and styles for different areas and moods to make your point-of-sale a unique experience.







RFID and Sensor Integration

Get in touch with your customers  


RFID means a technology based on radio waves, that exchanges information between a sender and receiver, as soon as they moved their location towards each other. That gives the RFID technology a clear advantage to Barcodes.   


Here are some exciting ways to use RFID technology for Digital Signage Interactivity:


A customer that comes close to an information screen, carrying a RFID chipped product, could automatically get detailed information on the product just as cross selling links. The system here automatically detects the customer's interests and takes it from there. 
The short attention span screens create, is used more efficiently than just by providing basic product information that battles for attention with all the other impressions in the point-of-sale. 
Just administrate RFID based screen elements with Videro and react in real-time to your customer's interests and questions. 







A mobile beacon for your products  


Similar to the RFID technology, iBeacon uses the transactions between sender and receiver. They share the goal to get your useful information to the customer fully automated.

The big difference is, that with iBeacon the receiver is your customer's mobile display. Invite your customer to install the fitting app on his mobile while visiting your store, a museum or a fair. If the customer now gets close to one of the iBeacon stations, he automatically gets your prepared information to his own screen. 
The sender however doesn't send out the information on its own but rather sends an ID that drags information from other databases such as product databases to cater the customer's needs.  







Coverflow Menu

Just a click away!  


Providing interactive menus can be tiresome when you need to integrate every single object of a playlist or add interactive elements separately.  


Videro saves you some of that work. 
With one click only, you can now automatically create coverflow menus based on the single entries of the list. Variable parameter and the option to use your own graphics or symbols let you fully customize your menu. 










Together as one ...  


To leave an even bigger impression with your presentation, you may not only use single screens as one big surface but also present your content on individual screens synchronized at the same time. 
This optimizes the appeal and draws the attention of your customers way stronger to the presentation itself.  
You are the conductor - Conduct your orchestra.
Synchronizing your screens is pretty easy with Videro. Assign individual IDs to each of your screens to let the application know, what elements to synchronize where.  
One of the big highlights of the software is the WorldSync tool, our patented method, to synchronize your content on screens not only locally but worldwide through the internet. 
Interested? Get in touch for more information!







Video Export

Convincing work flow support  


Not only in creating content, but also in creative and approval procedures, you have a team of people at work. Not all of them need or want access to the content through the software, they use.   


We know about our customer's daily work and therefor offer another module that allows you to export content to have a way of approving the data, before sharing it, without using the central system. 
Through the Video Export tool, you may export complete transfers and single input. All placed and not interactive elements including transitions are rendered into a video file. The ready file may be downloaded and shared with the person demanding to look into it. 
What's with Videro? : Easy solutions - big impressions! 






Game Engine

Moved and moving content  


Videro Composer and MediaBrowser will convince you with high flexibility and design options. Content may be freely positioned and made interactive. But as always there's an enhancement to that!    
Based on a Games engine, the engine on which a video game would be based on, it is now possible to transform content into interactive worlds of information, you can't just fully customize but that enables your visitors to more customer interactiviy.  
The customer can't just decide, what information he'd like to view, but also activate, change, combine and sort information.  
With this kind of Digital Signage interactivity, even browsing through information is becoming an attraction. That was, you can create display and application theme worlds that make cross selling and product placement that much easier. Applications can be fit exactly to the company image and the context of the sales, to not only inform in a playful way, but also mesmerize emotionally. 
The Videro team will gladly create the applications your project needs, for you, based on your models and drafts.







Kinect Camera

Now that's interactivity!  


To transform information into experiences and rooms to theme worlds, you don't just have to reach your customers emotionally and put them in a mood, but also give them the customer interactiviy, they are looking for. 
That way you focus the customer's attention and people memorize the information much easier, than passively gained information, they have not personally experienced. 


Motion and gesture detection is the form of communication with a technical system, that leaves the biggest impression with people. They love to interact with something on a personal level. It triggers play instincts. 
Impress your customers and visitors, by making the point-of-sale an interactive playroom, in which they decide what information is viewed in which way, where they stop to read on details and what they'd like to experience. Put the power, quite literally, into their hands. 
On a technological level, the Kinect system is based on a camera and a detection software, that can be connected to Videro easily.






Projection Mapping

Curves are beautiful  


Flexibility and adaption are two of the central points, Videro has to offer. We think, it is important, that you don't have to make your ideas fit to our system but our system supports your ideas and projects. That is especially important, when it comes to the hardware of the screens and projectors, you'd like to use for your content.


In terms of projections, it's not always easy to know the surroundings of the installation. Projections can easily have distortions like uneven edges, that get common systems to their limits.  
Our solution: Projection Maps. 
This means, that for certain images and projections, as on curvy canvases, a projection map is created, that saves and expects the curves, to later project the image correctly. 







Onscreen Editing

Bringing things together  


The OnScreen Editing module combines two of the central applications and brings together two actions in Videro: the Composer to create and administrate content and the MediaBrowser, that previews and shows the ready content.


With the help of a touch application, all content can be individualized. If you unlock all options for editing an object, you may now administrate the content «live on screen» while it's running. Posts and transactions can now easily be re-arranged directly on the screen. This makes our system as fast, flexible and user friendly, as possible.