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  • Content reviewed? Check!
    Resized and customised? Check!
    Ready for customers? Check!
  • With Videro you just need to click“Go” to vitalize your business.
  • Why does Videro screen content just look that much better? Our MediaBrowser renders your content live and in realtime, even in original format and HD quality.
  • Videro supports nearly every file format!



Be independent from displays, LED walls and projectors


The Videro MediaBrowser is the core of your presentation. Our software synchronizes your ready campaigns and clips fitting perfectly for each independent screen, projector or wall. While your hardware has to fit very strict standards based on the advertising situation, your software has to keep up with whatever screen you choose. You don't have to fit your campaign to the software but the software fits it for you!  




Every Format - Every Resolution


Here's the dream everyone in marketing shares: Following a straight workflow, all of the participants keep up with the same defaults. Everyone uses the same formats to synchronize their work and make it fit, so that compatibility is no problem at all. Whatever else you might imagine - that surely isn't the reality of working in advertising.


Everyone uses their own favorite data format and screen presentations then try to put them all together for a productive outcome. The data however is also optimized for different hardware, be it in resolution, size or duration.




Real-Time Rendering


The Videro MediaBrowser supports you in different ways. First of all, it allows you to use whatever format you received the data in and integrate the files into your presentation easily. Real-time rendering lets you play the data in original quality without destroying it by rendering it first. It also lets you adjust the resolution to fit different screen sizes.


Due to the lack of conversion upfront, you save lots of valueable time and working ressources and so do your co-workers.







Digital Signage with Show Control & Interactions


Our MediaBrowser is also a central point for managing controling and options of all the campaigns, to assure an exciting, interactive world of experience around your concepts. That includes interactive software, touch and gesture sensitive elements, RFID or iBeacon and access to technologies that control light systems, cameras, sychronised plays on more than one screen at the time and so on.
In the MediaBrowser content can also be created directly through the integrated Composer tool. The content can be easily connected to interactive applications and edited.




For information on our Digital Signage Show Control technology, please view the following pages:












MediaBrowser runs on: OSX, iOS, Linux & Android

Fit for your Hardware  


Digital Signage projects often bring together lots of different people. There are some who are in charge of monitoring the campaign, experters in Hardware and Networks, graphic specialists, media managers and even external agencies, if not they already claimed a lot of leading posts in the project. They all work from different locations, in different groups with different hardware the content has to be viewable on. One could easily lose track on all of that organisational efforts.  

With Videro, you don't have to separately organise anything. To get an overview on the co-working staff, every user gets access to a comprehensive user management tool that lets you identify just the right person to talk to about the right detail.
The user management lets you maintain external contacts, sort users, customers and partners, as well as locations, player and distributional groups.
Integrated in the user management system you will also find a tool for administration, where you may distribute rights to users and groups within the network. It's easy to control who may compose, edit and view campaigns and contacts, may restart hardware and control players and content. To make sure you reach just the correct users, organise them in administrational groups.







The heart of the system  


VideroCore or VideroKernel means the center of the system's functionality. Here all central information comes together and lets you monitor what's happening and what's going on with the hardware, it is happening on. 
Just like a natural 'heartbeat', the core communicates all data in the background, every 30 seconds. It transmits the updated data from your hardware to the CloudServer. At the core of the system, through the VideroKernel, all important status information is collected and the distribution of content (sent and received) is managed.


This way we use the continous connectivity and communication of your mobile applications, to ensure a realtime monitoring of the system's health of your hardware. 


The Core includes the following features:

- Monitoring of the network

- Monitoring of distribution of content

- Monitoring of hardware functionality and parameter.


The Core functions usually run in the background and don't need any control elements like the composer does e.g. 


Apart from the Digital Signage Mac solution there's also a Kernel for Windows operating machines to assure that mixed systems can also be monitored.