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  • Back in 2003, Johannes Büld had been talking with a friend, the designer for the soon-to-be-built German Rock and Pop Museum. The designer was frustrated with having to send DVDs back and forth every time he wanted to change the music or videos for the various exhibits. So Johannes made a simple suggestion: why don’t we manage your audio and video files the same way we manage the content for your website?

How Videro started

Since 1997, Johannes had been running his own web design and Internet service business, Netside GmbH. And his firm specialized in content management online software solutions. To Johannes, the audio visual files were just another set of digital content to be produced, played and distributed online. For his friend the designer, this new perspective was revolutionary.


So Johannes and his team grew their specialty in video and multimedia content and transformed it into software for digital signage and interactive content. In 2006, Videro was born.


Breakthrough technology

Building on his real world problem-solving, and his 25 years experience in Computer Science and Engineering, Johannes pioneered three breakthrough technologies which propel the compelling visuals, intuitive design, and interactive connectivity of Videro:

  • Real-time rendering technology that shows content at its uncompressed best, and drives dynamic and interactive programs.
  • Format-friendly content portability that displays original media files on-screen, without your having to re-format.
  • Open-ended media control platform that synchronizes and synthesizes devices, sensors and web services with real-time compositions.


Videro technology makes it possible to do non-destructive edits (cropping, splicing, transitions etc.) quickly and directly in a way that other digital signage software and retail merchandizing applications do not. It results in quick-turns for production and cost-savings for clients.

Visualizing the future

2008, three years after launch, Videro had grown to several hundred display systems in automotive, cultural, financial and retail locations across Germany and the European Union. Global brands like Mercedes Benz and Porsche, as well as German retail leaders like engbers fashion, famila and Markant were trusting their digital signage and brand experience to Videro.


Videro media technology also caught industry attention, winning the Sinus System Integration Award which recognizes outstanding creative design achievements that address complex communications challenges.


In 2010, Videro expanded to the U.S. market and soon after, launched a research and development center, and co-headquarters, in San Francisco. Today, Videro’s unique display technology and service is live in thousands of audio video, interactive and media show control systems worldwide (PGA superstore, Interconti hotels, Captain Morgan, Driscol Berries, Universal Studios, Queensland University of Technology, Santos, New Limited and many more … and the Disney stores). We are helping our clients build immersive customer experiences and increase sales per square feet. Together, we are creating the future of digital signage: the Content Computing Network.